House Cleaning Tips For Busy Moms

The Viomi Robot Vacuum V2 MAX is the next generation of our best-selling robot vacuum cleaner. It comes with 2 water tanks for optional use, an exclusive manual-scrubbing Y-pattern and LDS laser navigation system. With 2400Pa strong suction and a smart app for voice control, this robot vacuum is ideal for multi-floor house cleaning. Viomi Robot Vacuum V2 Max can store up to 5 floor maps and intelligently plan cleaning routes, delivering advanced cleaning with advanced LDS laser navigation technology. It is taking vacuuming and mopping to the next level by equipping 2400Pa strong suction, 2 water tanks, and an exclusive manual-scrubbing Y-pattern. It truly is a top-notch robot vacuum in the price range.

Viomi V2 MAX comes with an exclusive feature called Y-pattern mopping. It mops the floor back and forth in a Y pattern move, mimicking the manual mopping technique for in-depth cleaning. Instead of the usual one water tank, Viomi Robot Vacuum V2 Max comes with two water tanks to meet diversified cleaning needs. With the 2-in-1 dust box(300ml) + water tank(200ml), it can sweep and mop at the same time. And the 550ml extra water tank is specially designed for mopping bigger houses. Equipped with electronic constant-pressure pumps, V2 MAX ensures precise water control, which means it will not leak water during or after mopping. It delivers excellent mopping performance while protecting your floor from water damage.

Buy the right robot vacuum cleaner for your home

Robot vacuum cleaners are an excellent way to save time and energy. They work around the clock, so you don’t have to worry about scheduled vacuuming times. They also function quietly, so they won’t wake up little ones or interrupt your phone calls.

Choosing the right robot vacuum cleaner can be tough because there are so many different models on the market. It’s important that you get one that fits your home’s needs and has all of the features you want in a machine. For example, if you’re pet-friendly and live in a carpeted home, then a powerful suction is probably not necessary. If you have hardwood floors and pets that shed, then figuring out how well the machine fits your home is pivotal for choosing.

Use good quality cleaning tools and accessories

House cleaning tools are a necessary investment for any busy mom. The right tools will make your life easier and will make your home cleaner. Quality tools are designed to work efficiently and save you time. These tips will help you find the best house cleaning tools available so that you can work smarter and not harder this holiday season.

Set up the robot vacuum and adjust to suit your home

The first step is to charge the robot vacuum for at least 3 hours before you start using it. Once that’s done, you can set up the robot vacuum and adjust it to suit your home. Firstly, remove any obstacles from the surface where you want the robot to clean. You can also remove small objects from your flooring, such as dust bunnies or toys. You should also scan the area with your mobile app in case of any objects which could get stuck in your vacuum (e.g. a shoe or a remote control) and move them out of the way so they don’t cause problems later on.

Secondly, make sure that the robot vacuum is on a flat surface and never let it go over any stairs or bumps when cleaning. This will prevent damage to its sensitive sensors and wheels!

Thirdly, make sure that there are no water tanks in the unit – these will weigh it down too much and cause problems when trying to clean floors.

Fourthly, use LDS laser navigation system to map out an area for cleaning on your mobile phone app according to specific instructions given by Viomi Robot Vacuum V2 MAX manual for voice control mode.

Store the cleaning tools in a central location

If you’re a busy mom, you know how hectic life can be. With kids, housework, errands, and more on your plate, it’s not uncommon to forget a cleaning tool – or two. To avoid this problem altogether, store your cleaning tools in a central location. This way, as soon as you think of something you need to clean the kitchen floor with, it’s right there ready for you to grab.

You could also use this opportunity to make some changes in your routine. If it’s always been easier for you to just grab the broom from the basement than go upstairs for the vacuum cleaner every time you need one of these tools, store them in separate locations. You may find that storing the vacuum cleaner upstairs is less disruptive and takes less time than running back downstairs for it every time you need it.

Set up the app and customize it for maximum efficiency

Download the app and customize it to your needs. The Viomi app is designed for voice control, which makes it more user-friendly than other apps. You can set up different profiles for each member of your family and create personalized cleaning modes based on their needs. With a one-touch button, you can customise the vacuum’s work area, start or stop its operation or add extra features like wet mopping or edge cleaning.

Bottom line

Get ready for a life of less house cleaning and more time with the people you love!

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