Benefits of Sourcing from China

Many B2B online platforms such as Alibaba, Global Sources, and Made in China have connected a vast number of suppliers to buyers from across the world. Similarly, a variety of technology-enabled payment options allows these buyers to pay suppliers in China quickly, reliably, and securely. Many China sourcing agents with a presence on the ground also help suppliers and buyers connect, handling communication, quality inspections, payments, and more on behalf of their clients outside of China. This makes it much easier for western businesses to import from China.

Three main reasons make sourcing from China a good idea:

Cost savings
Sourcing from China often leads to cost savings for businesses, which increases their competitiveness and profits. You can then reinvest these profits into your business to help it grow.

China is competitive because the costs of manufacturing are low compared with developed economies such as the US, UK, and Europe. Production costs include the cost of raw materials, wages, and overheads such as electricity and maintenance most of which are low in China when compared with the West. Additionally, the massive production capacity of Chinese factories allows businesses to give large orders, which further reduces the price per unit. All this ensures that you can get products sourced and manufactured inexpensively in China.

Chinese factories can manufacture products to western quality standards. This wasn’t the case a few years ago, which led to the popular perception that cheap China-made goods would undoubtedly be of poor quality. However, Chinese factories can now manufacture products inexpensively without compromising on quality. Of course, some manufacturers do still deliver shoddy products. You just have to be careful while verifying suppliers you have shortlisted to ensure that you have selected a reliable one.

Finding a Chinese sourcing agent who can liaise with the manufacturer on your behalf will help stay on top of quality control.

Chinese factories can manufacture a huge range of products, from gym equipment to medical devices to aircraft parts. Visiting China’s biggest trade fair, the Canton Fair will give you an idea of the variety of products its factories can churn out. The fair is held in Guangdong province, twice a year, in April and October, and attracts thousands of buyers and sellers from across the world. The fair is spread over an area larger than 200 football fields. Even if you attend the fair every day it’s open, you won’t be able to see all the exhibits.

Finding a good manufacturer from China can be a tedious task. In this case, you can choose to hire a sourcing agent to help you out. A [China sourcing agent] ( can not only help identify reliable suppliers but also handle everything: requesting quotes, finalizing a supplier, drawing up payment terms, asking for sample runs, and so on.

Like QTC, the company has experience in sourcing and manufacturing a wide range of products. Most of its team members have over 10 years of experience in the industry. QTC provides many professional manufacturing suggestions to clients for free and handles from raw material to final products. Its IPQC system will make sure every product is in good condition and the company always believes “every customer deserves a high-quality product.”

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